OMEN / Short Fuse Combo

OMEN / Short Fuse Combo

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Get a OMEN Duck call and a Short Fuse Goose Call!!



  • Single Reed
  • Small bore and shorter barrel make it incredibly responsive and user friendly.
  • It has the range and performance the most experienced caller expects  but retains the ease of use for a beginner making learning the basics easy! No matter your skill level, this WILL be your go to duck call! 
  •  Tons of hold built in for effortless Cajun Squeals, and it also gives it the squeak and whine you want in the bottom end for a super realistic, raspy feed chatter
  •  Enough volume on the top end when you need it, but it was specifically designed to be a mid to close range call with a super easy to run and responsive bottom end


  • The short fuse is an all acrylic precision built goose call made for speed and performance.
  • From screaming fast double clucks and spit notes to low murmurs and growls, this little guy has you covered!
  • Even with its advanced features that please the most seasoned goose caller, it is still very easy to run and well suited for a beginner.
  • When you'r rocking the Short Fuse, you better be ready to shoot!


 Being direct to consumer, you likely wont have the ability to blow one before you purchase. Because of that, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you buy a call and don't love it, we buy it back! That paired with our Lifetime Warranty makes a purchase with JT Calls worry free! 

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