OMEN / SFX Combo

OMEN / SFX Combo

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  • Single Reed
  • Small bore and shorter barrel make it incredibly responsive and user friendly.
  • It has the range and performance the most experienced caller expects  but retains the ease of use for a beginner making learning the basics easy! No matter your skill level, this WILL be your go to duck call! 
  •  Tons of hold built in for effortless Cajun Squeals, and it also gives it the squeak and whine you want in the bottom end for a super realistic, raspy feed chatter
  •  Enough volume on the top end when you need it, but it was specifically designed to be a mid to close range call with a super easy to run and responsive bottom end


The SFX 

  • The SFX is the perfect goose call for beginner just learning on a short fuse or a seasoned caller looking for great one handed operation or a less fatiguing call to blow. 
  • Pure meat call
  • Deep goose tone from top to bottom
  • Tuned very light making it extremely easy to break over and uses much less air than mosts short reed calls
  • The design allows for one handed operation and still retains that goose tone you usually loose with one hand. 



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