SFX - CQ2 Combo

SFX - CQ2 Combo

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Get the SFX goose call and CQ2 duck call in this awesome package deal!

 Being direct to consumer, you likely wont have the ability to blow one before you purchase. Because of that, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you buy a call and don't love it, we buy it back! That paired with our lifetime warranty makes a purchase with JT Calls worry free! 


  • Double Reed
  •  Very easy to blow and user friendly
  •  Extremely raspy
  •  Super squeaky feed call
  •  Tons of hold and whine to make those cajun squeals that the late season mallards can't resist.
  • It has the volume when you need it, and the ultra realistic quiet bottom end to finish them all the way to the kill hole.


  • The SFX is the perfect goose call for beginner just learning on a short fuse or a seasoned caller looking for great one handed operation or a less fatiguing call to blow. 
  • Pure meat call
  • Deep goose tone from top to bottom
  • Tuned very light making it extremely easy to break over and uses much less air than mosts short reed calls
  • The design allows for one handed operation and still retains that goose tone you usually loose with one hand. 

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