Short Fuse - CQ2 Combo

Short Fuse - CQ2 Combo

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Fill your lanyard with quality and reliability! The Short Fuse goose call and CQ2 Duck call are the perfect fit for any waterfowl hunter.

Short Fuse

  • The short fuse is an all acrylic precision built goose call made for speed and performance.
  • From screaming fast double clucks and spit notes to low murmurs and growls, this little guy has you covered!
  • Even with its advanced features that please the most seasoned goose caller, it is still very easy to run and well suited for a beginner.
  • When you'r rocking the Short Fuse, you better be ready to shoot!


  • Double Reed 
  • Precision Tuned
  • Takes very little air to run
  • Extremely Raspy and whiney with tons of hold built in.
  • Very good mid to top range with an exceptional Bottom end

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