Why JT Calls?









I have always had a passion for hunting. Sitting in a stand or a blind patiently waiting has never been enough for me. Working a flock of ducks or geese, locating a gobbler on the roost and calling him in to range, or rattling a mature buck out of a thicket, to me, is what it is all about. I call it "fooling nature."

There is no better feeling than having an animal react to calls you make. Especially when they react the way you intend them to. That’s what it’s about for us, and that is why I have the passion for this. JT Calls started out as a hobby making turkey calls in the garage. After many failed attempts, I finally produced a call I was somewhat happy with.

As time went on, the calls got better and better and people started showing interest.In the spring of 2014 we hit the woods with them to see if the turkeys liked them as much as we did. A bunch of dead long-beards later, we knew we had a winner, a real nature fooler! From that point on, building and designing new calls has been my focus. Now we offer a variety of calls for ducks, geese, and turkeys! If you take this as serious as we do, you need these around your neck or in your vest when you take to the woods.